Natural Stones

Natural stones are one of the most commonly used building materials from the past to the present. They have unique capabilities that are not comparable to other building materials. Nowadays, due to the ease of stone extraction, its use is expanding. They are used to cover the interior walls of buildings, facades, sidewalks and various decorations. Examples of stones used in the construction industry include:

Floors and stairs:

The natural stone used for stairs and flooring will be subject to abrasion and impact, so it must be very hard and have high abrasion and impact resistance. These stones should be cut in one direction, In addition, because of exposure to contamination they should have low porosity that be watertight and impregnable by washing with detergent and pouring on acidic materials or playing on it.

Interior wall covering:

Using natural stone for the interior wall of the building gives it a very cool and glamorous appearance. Basically stone is used to cover bathroom walls and sanitary ware, office buildings, shops, dining halls, etc.

Building facade:

For building facades, strong natural stones are used to prevent damage to various environmental factors. Variable atmospheric conditions, sunlight, frost, dust, acid rain, air pollution, etc. are among the factors that affect rock resistance.

Building decoration:

Natural stones that have a good color and appearance and are durable are used for interior decoration. These stones are used to decorate the fireplace wall, columns, door and window frames, etc.

The most natural stones categories in the market are as follow:


Granite as a hard rock that doesn’t crack is found in various forms throughout the earth, and it is uncommonly resistant to pressure, impact and deformation. It is the perfect floor material for high traffic areas or the best material for kitchen worktops, it also lends itself well to use outdoors for water features, monuments and paving.



Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, that characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface, although these are often filled before honing or polishing to a smooth finish. It is frequently used in Italy and elsewhere as a building material perfect for paving, garden paths, facades, wall cladding, bathroom flooring, kitchens, outdoor spaces and for decorating walls.



Marble is a crystallized stone formed from intense heat and pressure. it is a common product for making sculpture and buildings and also applied as a decorative element in bathrooms or kitchens, where it can be processed in either a modern or a more classical style.




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